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Included:Not Included:
Kit of SIP panelsConcrete base
Outside cladding kit + terrace kitHouse assembly
Inside interiorElectrical and plumbng kit
Roof covering kit + steel gutter system
Floor – 50mm insulated + Laminate
PVC Doors and PVC windows kit
Screws, foams and fasteners
Area22,54 m²
Living area12,6 m²
MaterialInsulated SIP panels
Roof (insulated)174mm SIP panels
Roof coveringRuukki Classic 30 Pluss Mat
External Dimensions10933 mm x 15462 mm
Walls124mm SIP panels
Inside interiorNatural wood cladding + laminate
FacadeNatural wood cladding
Anti Root Warranty5 years

What are SIP constructions?

Structural Insulation Panels (SIP) are a high performance construction system for residential and commercial buildings. SIP (structural insulation panel) is a three-layer construction product consisting of two oriented strand boards (OSB) and polystyrene foam glued in the middle. SIP panels structures are produced in a modern factory and can be adapted even to individual (bespoke) projects. It is an extremely strong, energy-saving and economical building system.

Cost savings

Did you know that 40-50% of your home’s energy is used for heating and cooling? The best way to reduce its consumption is to properly insulate the home with thermal insulation, thus reducing heat loss. The SIP construction system has excellent thermal insulation properties. As a result, heating and cooling costs are up to 50% lower than with conventional brick structures.


Whether it is an individual project or a standard prefabricated house made of SIP panels, such structures are assembled much faster than conventional brick or block houses. They can be built at any time of the year.

Environmental aspects

The standardized production process of wooden structures of SIP structures and the possibilities of recycling materials significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

A healthier and more comfortable life

Hermetic construction is ideal for modern ventilation systems that reduce energy costs and improve indoor air quality. Recuperators ensure a continuous supply of fresh air without additional heat loss. As a result, the air in the building is always fresh and mold does not develop and allergens do not spread. Therefore, we recommend installing a recuperation system when building residential housing.

High quality construction

The panel SIP construction functions as a monolithic shell with up to 5 times higher static parameters than a conventional wooden frame construction. SE-SIP panels are strong, reliable and durable.

More space saved

Buildings made of SIP panels take up 7-10% less space than buildings made of ordinary bricks or blocks. When the price of land is constantly rising, every meter saved is precious.

Reliable and stable insulation

Even after years of exposure to adverse weather conditions, the insulating core of the SIP building system remains strong, stable and reliable. Due to its unique properties, this system cannot get wet or sag. It is always installed with quality and strength.

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